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The Aberdeen Pap Board of Directors wish all our members and their families a Happy, Healthy and Safe
New Year.

We wish you the most sweetest New Year possible, with good health and the warmth of family, be it in person or virtually.
Michelle and Larry Auslander

Wishing all of our family and friends a safe, happy, and healthy New Year.  
L'Shanah Tovah!
Love, Dale & Marty Krulick

Wishing all our family and friends 
a Happy, Healthy and safe New Year.

Sue and Larry Dix

Wishing everyone good health & happiness. Stay safe!

Ellen & Doug Schwartz

Wishing all our friends and families a very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year. 

Penny & Phil Schuler

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 
New Year

Joan and Joe Cellura

To all my Aberdeen Pap friends, a New Year 
is a new start. Wishing  yours is filled with happiness, peace, prosperity and good health. L'SHANAH TOVAH. 
Anita & Steve Lippert

Happy holidays to one and all from 
my family to yours. Celebrate as best we can under the circumstances. 
Martha Lefkowitz and family

Sending my wishes for a happy,
healthy and safe New Year!

Susan Sussman

L'Shanah Tovah
Wishing everyone good health,
happiness and peace
Gloria Berger & David Weissman

Shanah Tova 
Warmest wishes for a sweet 
and healthy New Year 
Mona & Steve Toback

Wishing you a sweet New Year filled
with happiness, good health,
joy and inspiration
Sue and Howie Goldstein

L'Shanah Tovah
from our home to yours

Harriet and Mark Herman

Sending hope for a year of

Irene Sholk

Warmest wishes for a happy 
and healthy New Year.

The Hollander's

Best wishes for a happy and healthy
New Year.

Pat and Joe Levin

Happy and Healthy New Year
to all our friends at Aberdeen

Reva and Sam

Wishing you and your families a sweet, happy and healthy New Year.

Ruth Rabinowitz

Happy, healthy New Year.
Stay well and safe.

Angela Lefkowitz

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy 
and a sweet New Year.
Rita and Don Zide

Happy and Healthy New Year to all.
Stay Safe.

Roz & Jerry Lapenson

Wishing you and your family a happy
and healthy New Year.

Phyllis and Jerry Friedland


Barbara and Arthur Pollack wish you
all a happy and healthy New Year.

Alan and I wish all a happier
and healthier New year.
L'shanah Tovah!
Marcia Levitz

L'shanah Tovah
from our family to yours.

Anita and Larry Rosenthal

Wishing you all Health, Happiness
and Peace in the New Year.

Iris LeVine

Wishing all our Aberdeen Pap Friends a Happy, Healthy, Peaceful
and SAFE New Year.
Ann and Richard Haar

We wish you and your family a sweet year filled with health, happiness, & peace.

Marlene Marks

Wishing each of you a New Year filled
with glowing good health, peace and wonderful new beginnings!
Fondly, Toby & Jack Finz

L'Shanah Tovah to all our
friends in Aberdeen

Sheila and Albert Aron

May you be inscribed with a year of health, happiness, and peace.

Phyllis & David Arnauer

We wish everyone Happy and especially Healthy 5781

Ellen & Arthur Gold

Wishing all of our family and friends a very happy and healthy New Year.
Olga & Jerry Schwartz

May you be blessed with good health, happiness in your heart now and
always. Happy New Year
Carol Marsh

Wishing everyone near and far a happy and healthy Shanah Tovah.

Selma Dash

Wishing everyone a healthy, safe and peaceful New Year

Fran Peck

May the New Year bring you and yours health and happiness.

Joann Lynch

Our warmest wishes for a happy and healthy New Year. Shanah Tovah

Trudy Rinsky

Happy New Year to all and stay well.

Dianna Friedman

Warm wishes for the best of everything in health and happiness in the year ahead.

Marti and Fred

Our warmest wishes for the most wonderful happy and healthy New Year.

Renee DeVine

From our home to yours, best wishes for a happy and healthy New Year.

Annette and Dave

Happiness and Health for the year ahead. Hope to see you all very soon.
Keep dancing even at home.
Love Bobbi

L'Shanah Tovah. May you and your family be inscribed for a New Year filled with the blessings of health, peace, joy and happiness.
Love, Roz Kantor and Michael Post

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